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Conflict and Complexity: Army and Gentry in Interregnum Herefordshire by Paul J. Pinckney. Professor Pinckney's research into the Interregnum started in the late 1950s and continued throughout his distinguished academic caeer at the University of Tennessee. See more details in the Biographical Details of Contributors in the main Transactions. The Club is pleased to be able to bring this research to the notice of the Club. There is an integral index in the paper at the end; the entrieshave also been added to the main website index. There will also be a short document summarising information about the main characters in the paper with portraits where these are accessible.

Club members who have not seen Essays in honour of Jim & Muriel Tonkin, published by the Club in 2011, may be interested in this appreciation of Jim and Muriel’s work in Herefordshire from that volume. Muriel died in 2019 at the age of 101, joining the small but distinguished band of Woolhope Club centenarians.

A tribute to Jim and Muriel Tonkin by Rosalind Lowe


The Monumental Mysteries of Goodrich church by Rosalind Lowe. 

Investigations for a Heritage Trail for the church has led to the possible identification of the only altar tomb there. Two stone carved heads hidden in a dark  corner and the only surviving medieval stained glass have led to the 'English Achilles' and the last battle between private armies fought on English soil in 1469.

About Transactions Extra

For a number of years the Transactions have been produced with sewn binding which is long-lasting and, unlike ‘perfect’ binding, does not shed pages over time. Sewn binding is expensive: the document is printed on large sheets and has to be sent to specialist binders. The printing and postage cost of the Transactions consumes an increasingly large part of the Club’s yearly income but the number of interesting papers worthy of publication does not decrease. The solution is for some papers to be published only in an online form. These papers will still have to meet the Club’s editorial standards in terms of subject matter, originality of material and logical structure. For example, the subject matter should, except for local figures on the national stage, be confined to Herefordshire and the Marches; something new must be brought to light and facts must be substantiated and sources acknowledged. 

This section will also contain additional material for papers which have been printed in the Transactions, but which for reasons of size or length could not be included in the issue.: