Details of previous meetings, some of which include reports and photographs, can be found in the Woolhope Club section.

  • Woolhope Club Meetings 2022/2023


    Tuesday 26 April - a walk on North Hill Malvern with Dr John Payne
    Saturday 14 May – A walk in Hereford visiting sites that intrigued Alfred Watkins
    Thursday 16 June – a visit to Croft Castle with President David Whitehead and a revisit of the archaeology plus a walk to Fishpool Valley
    Wednesday 20 July - a visit to the current excavations of Arthur's Stone and Snodhill Castle with Prof. Keith Ray
    Saturday 10 September – a visit to Dudley Canal and the surrounding geology and historical area. 

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    All meetings will be held on Saturdays at 2.15 p.m. in the Town Hall Assembly Room, Hereford unless otherwise notified and will generally be illustratedNon members are welcome.


    17 September –  John van Laun, research on random stone carvings around  Hereford Cathedral (to be confirmed)
    15 October – Professor David J. Siveter, ‘The Herefordshire Lagerstätte: Soft-Bodied Virtual Fossils from a Silurian Volcanic Ash’. The FC Morgan Lecture.
    12 November  -- David Lovelace, on veteran trees
    26 November – Winter AGM. Philip Hume, ‘”The King’s Writ does not run here”: The Welsh March


    7 January –  Keith Ray. ‘The Militarisation of Anglo-Saxon Hereford? Clues from Archaeology, Starting at Breinton’
    28 January   Joe Kerr, new hypothesis on Watkins & ley lines
    18 February  -- Tim Hoverd, on Snodhill Castle (to be confirned)
    11 March – Spring AGM –President’s address

    The Club meetings have been arranged making every effort to follow Government and Council guidelines and members are advised that they attend at their own risk. Because of circumstances beyond the Club’s control it is possible that meetings may have to be cancelled at short notice. Before attending an advertised meeting, members are advised to check tthe Club website or  your emails for late news.



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