' The first volume of the Transactions of the Woolhope Club for the years 1852-1865 was compiled from Club material and published in 1907. Transactions for the years 1866 onwards were published, usually annually and in the year following the events recorded. Papers submitted to the Editor could be published at any time, sometimes a number of years after submission.

In the early days a given year’s issue issued as a single volume with the year only as an identifier. Later, issues became smaller and three issues could be hardcover-bound as a single ‘volume’, so for a time Latin volume numbers were introduced with 3 (or 4) years’ Transactions per volume i.e. Parts I, II and III, each 3-issue set having a joint index published with part III. This index often gave a reference as ‘Volume number, page number’, i.e no year number as the pages were sequential over the 3 issues. This has caused some confusion in the data as the correct year was not always cross-referenced with the page number range during the index processing. Note that as the issues were published singly each year it is necessary to know which year is required for a given reference.

Each individual year’s issue was published in soft cover and it was up to members to have them bound. The 3-issue volume system was discontinued for the 2003 issue, which was published as Volume 51; 2004 was volume 52 and so on. From then on each issue had an index. At various times composite indexes to longer runs of the Transactions were issued.

Heritage Lottery funding was obtained to compile an index to the Transactions up to and including 2003 and to make it available online. This was based on the printed indexes available, which were of variable quality and detail. The index can be searched using the TRANSACTION INDEX option in the panel on the left. Some Transactions are available online using the ONLINE TRANSACTIONS option in the panel on the left.'