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Regd. Charity No. 521000

Meetings Secretary: Sue Olver, 01432 761693 or email susanolver@hotmail.com


Notes on Geology Section Events:

1. Indoor meetings are now usually held from 5.30 pm, in the Councillors' Meeting Room, Committee Room 1 at the Shire Hall Hereford. Meetings can be set up from 5 pm and we should close the meeting at 7.30 pm in order for the caretaker to leave by 8 pm. (Other venues are sometimes used, as indicated in the programme above).

2. Field Visit start times vary please check programme above carefully.

3. We will try to keep the above list of meetings up-to-date. Last minutes changes will usually be notified by email so please ensure Sue has your correct email address. Those without email please ring to check. Contact details at top of page.

4. Guests are welcome, but must take day membership of the Club: 2.00

5. Please wear suitable clothing and footwear for Field Visits; bring a hard hat and packed lunch unless otherwise advised; other arrangements are indicated in the table above.

6. Members and guests are reminded that Field Visits are undertaken at their own risk.


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