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Using the Indexes to the Transactions

The Transactions have not always been consistent in numbering, so this information should help:

1 The Transactions are issued in soft-covers, each one covering a year of the Clubs activities and including research papers. The Year of the Transactions is given on the front of the issue, but it may not be published until some years later.

2. The volume is divided into Proceedings and research papers. The Proceedings describe the business and activities that took place in the club meetings held in the Shire Hall (formerly the Woolhope Room, Hereford Library) in winter and outside on field visits, usually in county, in the summer. Sometimes papers are read at these meetings which in the early days of the club, later became research papers. So the same reference may appear twice, first in the Proceedings when the paper was read, second in the research papers section when the author had prepared their research for publication. In the early volumes Proceedings were numbered using Roman numerals but in this Index they have been translated into ordinary numbers.

3. Each issue has a Table of Contents and a List of Illustrations.

4. The earlier issues of the Transactions are referenced by year only. There was no volume number allocated, but from 1946 each issue was given a Volume Number and a Part Number. There were three parts in each volume, and they were intended to be bound together. From the 2003 Transactions, the Part Number system has been dropped, and there will be one Volume per Year.

5. The Transactions for the years 1852 to 1865 were issued as one book in 1907, having been compiled in retrospect.

6. Although each issue has an index, the first composite index published was in 1911 for 1852 to 1911, subsequent indices were published in, 1939, 1957, 1989 and 1999.

This index has been compiled using three sources: the Table of Contents, the List of Illustrations and the Index found in each issue.

The Table of Contents and the List of Illustrations have been transcribed in full, and when you search you will get back the full description as shown in these. From/to page numbers have been given so that copies of articles can be ordered.

The Index has been compiled directly from the original index, and so is somewhat uninformative, giving merely the issue concerned and the page number. Many single references can be found this way, and items may be referenced in more than one way.

Searches can be made using * as a wild card, and Boolean operators such as AND, NOT and OR can also be used.